Paragraph Outline for 3 Paragraph Essay

How to Write a 3 Paragraph Essay

An essay is a brief piece of writing where a student is expected to prove his/her research skills in writing. Typically, an essay requires more than one paragraph to be considered complete. However, the content of a paragraph doesn’t have to be three paragraphs. It is important to consider this as it will help you know when to break down the content into smaller, manageable sections. However, before you write the first paragraph, ensure you proofread it to ensure it is of the best quality possible. Luckily, you have a template with which you can pick out the sections and decide whether to proceed with the rest of the article.

How to Begin a Three Paragraph Essay

Once you have your section sorted out, the next step will be to carry out research for relevant information to back your writing. This section is crucial since it enables you to write about an idea and not find data to support it. As such, you should always begin with your research question. Ensure that it is well articulated and as this will allow you to clearly define the topic of your 3 paragraph essay.

Your research question should be brief but to the point.

This will also give you an easy time writing down the points you will need to answer your essay. You can break down the topic into smaller bits to reduce the overall length of your essay.

After the research process is done, come up with an exciting introduction to capture the attention of the reader. It should be simple to follow, capturing the thesis statement of the whole article. Make sure that your introduction is interesting and will set the mood for your essay.

A 3 paragraph essay outline for the introduction

  1. Introduction

In this section, you will briefly define the topic of the essay. Ensure that you give relevant details that showcase the subject’s significance, giving reasons why you chose to write about it. You should state what the thesis is about, what you wish to present, and why you have chosen the subject of the essay. For instance, you might state that you will prove your claim that what we have is true.

  • Thesis statement
  • Most students forget to include this section, which will often result in having less content. Always ensure that your thesis statement is clear, clear that it needs to be supported by evidence and reliable information. However, always be concise and make it attractive to the reader.

    1. The body

    This part acts as a summary of your major points. It will contain all the different arguments that support your thesis. It will also show all the evidence to back up your claim. Keep it simple and direct, using paragraphs for your paragraphs. For example, you might state that your research showed that the prejudice people face is discrimination, and you wish to raise awareness on how to change this.

    1. Conclusion

    This part closes your 3 paragraph essay and gives a summary of your main point, making a firm statement about why the thesis statement was correct and what the topic seeks to achieve. You should also include the thesis statement in this section.

    In summary, your 3 paragraph essay outline should cover the introduction, body and conclusion. Ensure that each section is clear and concise. Also, ensure you keep your points coherent and the evidence presented is reliable.

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