Ghostwriting Specialist Articles

You want to have a professional article written by our ghostwriters? Our academic ghostwriters will create a completely finished template for your scientific journal article – exactly to your specifications and wishes.

Each of our articles is unique and will be completely rewritten for you personally. Guaranteed no templates, no phrases and no plagiarism!

Having more time for more important things with our ghostwriters for journal articles

The creation of scientific articles usually takes a lot of time and effort. In addition to comprehensive research and literature review, the writing process itself often turns out to be very expensive. You would like to publish a work on a specific topic, have many ideas, but just do not have time to put them on paper? Then you should absolutely take our help and benefit from our competent, experienced ghostwriters for professional articles!

Ghostwriters for papers take the paperwork from you and write your scientific publication exactly as you wish it to. You do not have to worry about sacrificing quality when engaging authors from our website. We discuss each step exactly with you and are only satisfied if you are completely satisfied with our result. Your requirements and wishes are always the top priority for us and the ghostwriter of your subject. In order to do justice to this, only those who have completed at least a university degree may write to us. In addition, our experienced ghostwriting team will only select someone who best fits the subject and who knows your subject perfectly. Only then can the best possible result be achieved. An automatic allocation or assignment of the order to the fastest is out of the question for us.

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Ghostwriter for technical articles: what to expect from us

The A and O of a good article are – as with any scientific work – an interesting topic and a successful, well thought-out structure. Before the ghostwriter of your subject can start writing, you must agree with the outline proposal we have made. You can tell us the topic of the work or, alternatively, instruct us to propose suitable topics for you. Once these two elementary steps have been taken, the ghostwriter of your subject starts writing – and you can just sit back and relax. A transparent way of working is also very important to us during the writing process: You always have the opportunity to contact the ghostwriter of your specialist article with suggestions and questions.

That’s how long our ghostwriter needs for your article

Depending on which branch of science and in which journal your article is to be published subsequently, the extent of this should vary greatly. In general, however, topics in specialist articles are not dealt with extravagantly. Instead, much information is presented in a relatively compact way. Depending on the topic, the scope and the claim, our ghostwriter will need about three to four weeks for your article. However, as with our other achievements, if you need the result of the ghostwriter of your scientific subject in less time then that’s no problem either. Just get in touch with us!

Choosing the right ghostwriter for your journal

Choosing the right ghostwriter or author is very important for the quality of the article. At Akademix, we employ only qualified graduates with at least one university degree. Our ghostwriters are used only on a subject-specific basis and according to their qualifications to ensure the best possible results.

What does that mean? The author must fit the topic and subject area of ​​the article. If you write an article in the field of Business Administration, it makes little sense to hire a Germanist for it. Even if the theoretically very good texts writes and could get into the topic. It is essential for the quality of the article that the author fits in perfectly with the topic and that the requirements of the work match the qualifications of the ghostwriter.

Particularly in the field of science and in the preparation of specialist articles, which are often aimed at a very well informed audience, the choice of the right author is enormously important and the decisive criterion for a good result.

For this reason, your order will not be advertised automatically in our large pool of authors and the fastest will get the nod, but the selection of the author for each order individually by our experienced team.

How much does a scientific article by Ghostwriter cost?

The price of writing a journal article depends on several factors, including the scientific field and scope.

You can use our price calculator to get an initial idea of ​​what ghostwriting costs or how much the fee for a journal article moves.

To see exactly what our fees are, check out our Ghostwriting Prices page. We are happy to create a free quote for your request and give you a specific fixed price for the writing of your specialist article.

Which payment options are there?

You can pay the fee for your article with us by bank transfer or PayPal.

For articles that are usually very specific and compact and of correspondingly small size, the total fee is split into two payments.

There are 50% to pay as deposit and the remaining 50% after completion or delivery of the specialist article.

Unfortunately, we do not offer monthly installment payments for technical articles. This is only possible with more extensive texts.

Delivery, scope and contents of the specialist article

The article will be delivered as a fully formatted and editable Word document.

Of course, the article is formatted according to the format specifications and guidelines. A PDF version is also available on request. External files (for example, SPSS records) are also included. You will receive from us all documents that were necessary for the creation of the article.

Plagiarism Check Professional Article

For each article, we also carry out a free plagiarism check on request. Even if such a control is not really necessary for our ghostwriters, we are pleased to offer you a plagiarism check as an additional service or confirmation of the quality of our services.