Ghostwriter homework

You want to have your homework written by a ghostwriter? Our academic ghostwriters create a completely finished template for your scientific paper – exactly according to your specifications and wishes.

Each of our works is unique and will be completely re-written for you personally. No templates, no phrases, no plagiarism!

Homework Ghost Writer: We’ll do the work for you

Especially in humanities studies, a wealth of homework is waiting for students. Often even several scientific papers have to be produced at the same time, in addition to that there are usually many exams or oral examinations – there everything can grow over your head and become too much. We support you in such stressful times and help you with our homework ghostwriters. But not only in this area, we are the right contact person: In addition, you can find us for example. Ghostwriter for bachelor thesis or ghostwriter for your master thesis. Our employees are all highly qualified, academic and of course work strictly according to your wishes and specifications – nothing happens without consultation with you! The ghostwriter of your homework makes them completely new, tailored for you personally and individually to your needs. Every customer gets a text-unique and no templates, text modules or plagiarism.

Ghostwriter for your homework: The exact process with us

Either you give us the topic of your homework or we like to create suitable topic suggestions, from which you can then select the most suitable. After that, the ghostwriter will prepare an outline draft of your homework and, in consultation with you, will agree on the exact contents as well as the structure of the work. Only after our outline has been approved by you, does the ghostwriter start your homework with the lyrics. Now you can relax and let us do the work for you. Your homework ghostwriter will of course be available for questions throughout the processing time and will accept your comments or references. Since a homework is usually a maximum of 15 pages long, we do not calculate any partial deliveries, but complete the work immediately.

After a processing time of about two weeks (depending on the subject and the claim of the work) you will receive from the ghostwriter of the paper the text as a formatted Word document and also everything else that belongs to a scientific paper. However, if you need the result faster, we can do your homework within a few days – just tell us, we’ll certainly find a good solution!

Here you will find the ideal ghostwriter for your homework

The choice of a suitable ghostwriter for your homework is the most important requirement for a high-quality work. Here you should make no compromises and not just hire someone who offers perhaps very cheap prices, which may not work but also very serious, not good Deliver services and may even bring you into trouble. Because you engage a ghostwriter for your homework, so you have advantages and no disadvantages. So in the field, invest more in qualified writers and a 100% reliable, experienced, and trusted service than might have a lower cost, but also a bad outcome or a lot of work to do. Because then you could have saved yourself the commitment of a ghostwriter for the homework, or not?

At Akademix, there is a wealth of academic, highly qualified authors waiting for you – at least a university degree is a prerequisite for us to be employed. Our ghostwriters are always deployed according to their respective subject areas and qualifications, so that an optimal result can be guaranteed. Because, of course, it makes little sense, for example, someone who has completed a human medicine degree to write a literary research paper. The ghostwriter for the homework must also harmonize with their topic and be well versed in the subject. It is very important for the quality of the scientific work that the requirements are in line with the qualifications of the copywriter and that he can do justice to them. Therefore, a ghostwriting job with us is not simply automatically forwarded to any of our authors. Instead, the experienced team at Akademix engages in detail with each job, takes a lot of time for each customer, and aims to find the most appropriate ghostwriter to do the homework and, in general, each job. Because your satisfaction is our top priority!

How much does a homework by the ghostwriter cost?

The price of writing a homework depends on various factors, including the scientific discipline and the scope of the work.

You can use our price calculator to get an initial idea of what ghostwriting costs and how much the fee goes to do your homework.

To see exactly what our fees are, check out our Ghostwriting Prices page. We are happy to create a free quote for your request and give you a specific fixed price for the writing of your homework.

Which payment options are there?

You can pay the fee for your homework with us by bank transfer or PayPal.

For chores that are usually 10-15 pages long, the total fee will be split into two payments. There are 50% to pay as deposit and the remaining 50% after completion of the work.

Unfortunately, we do not offer a monthly installment payment for homehold chores. This is only possible with larger work.

Delivery, scope and contents of the homework

Your homework will be delivered as a fully formatted and editable Word document.

Of course, the finished document contains everything that belongs to a scientific paper, i. including all required directories (table of contents, list of abbreviations, lists of illustrations and tables, bibliography) and any attachments.

If we got a style sheet or design guidelines from you, the work is formatted according to the specifications.

Although in most cases it does not apply to homehold chores, of course, external files (for example, SPSS datasets) are also included. You will receive all documents that were necessary for the preparation of the work.

Plagiarism check homework

On request, we also carry out a free plagiarism check on request. Even if such a control is not really necessary for our ghostwriters, we are pleased to offer you a plagiarism check as an additional service or confirmation of the quality of our services.