A good paper is one that is rich in ideas and thoughts.

The source of this information is from other scholars and researcher’s books, articles, and journals. Thus, it’s paramount to know how to cite sources of information in your essay paper.

What is Citation

A citation is a reference to the wellspring of data utilized in your essay. An in-content quotation is brief documentation inside the content of your paper or introduction, which alludes the reader to fuller documentation, or end-of-paper reference, that gives every single essential insight concerning that wellspring of data. In a citation, the essayist writes information from other sources and tells the reader the data origin of the data.

Reasons for Citing a source

Offering credit to the first writer by referring to the source is the best way to utilize other individuals’ work without stealing. In any case, there are different motivations to refer to sources: are beneficial to any individual who needs to discover increasingly about your thoughts and where they originated from

  • Not all sources are excellent or credible – your ideas may regularly be more exact or fascinating than those of your https://www.chemistry.ucla.edu/directory/kaner-richard-b sources. Legitimate reference will shield you from paying the price for another person’s poorly conceived notions
  • Citing sources shows the measure of research you’ve done
  • Citing sources fortifies your work by loaning outside support to your thoughts
  • When do I Need to Cite?

    At whatever point you get words or thoughts, you have to recognize their source. The accompanying circumstances quite often require reference:

    • whenever you quote someone work
    • whenever you paraphrase somebodies work
    • whenever you utilize a thought that another person has just communicated
    • whenever you make explicit reference to another person’s work
    • whenever another person’s work has been fundamental in building up your very own thoughts.

    Regardless of the level and type of writing, you may need to refer to your sources utilizing a particular formatting style. While there is a wide range of methods out there, the three most normally utilized ones are the Modern Language Association (MLA), American Psychological Affiliation (APA), and Chicago reference styles. These style guides both guarantee that essayists don’t plagiarize the work done by others and give perusers a guide to discover the data that guides the paper. Since citations are such a significant piece of research, you ought to follow the procedures keenly.

    In-text citations in the body of the essay

    1. Direct Quotes- this is a word to word coping of the original resource paper. It entails the use of quotation marks.it uses below structure

    “Quoted text,” Author’s last name, date of publication, page numbers.


    “Always be focused on the main goal and what exactly has to be done to achieve it.” (Montoro, 2008, p.50).

    Montoro (2008) points out, “Always be focused on the main goal and what exactly has to be done to achieve it..” (p.50).


  • Block Quotes- The blockquote is for direct quotations that are longer than 40 words. Indent the entire quote ½ inch or 5- 7 spaces double-space the complete reference.
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  • Paraphrase/Summary – a Paraphrase is an extract modified in your own words. A summary is a condensed version of a long passage. Both require references. It follows the below structure:
  • Paraphrased/ summary text, Author’s last name, date of publication, page numbers


    Felipe Montoro (2008) notes that a person needs to focus on the main goal and what needs to be done to achieve the goal (p.50).